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An innovative facial rejuvenation method that can reverse the signs of aging and take years off your appearance.

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*First Area - We Offer the Latest Liposuction Techniques - With our newest and latest technology, you can have liposuction today and be back at work tomorrow!

Breast Augmentation

SPECIAL OFFER! $7000 *(reg. $12,500) Using Fat Transfer

Using Your Own Fat Is More Natural, More Customized, Safer & Longer Lasting Than Silicone/Saline!

Brazilian Butt Lift

$7000 (normally $12,000)

Sculpt your butt with your own fat


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REVIEW: "I just get the best treatment from Dr. Memar and wish my Primary's office looked like his."-Barabara C.

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Liquid Facelift

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We all have misgivings about ourselves. We notice where we store our extra pounds, the signs of aging etched on our faces, etc. These flaws can make us embarrassed to go out in public, can prohibit us from striving after our dreams and can make us uncomfortable in our own skin. If you had no trouble thinking of the physical flaws that aggravate you, it's time for a change.


Do you dream of achieving the best version of yourself?

Thanks to our safe, cutting-edge technology, you can now eliminate your flaws and appear more beautiful and confident than ever. At Dr. Memar Cosmetic Surgery we take great pride in our work and derive much satisfaction from the countless patients who walk out of our office more happy and self-assured than they have ever been before.

Why We Are the Right Office for You

At Dr. Memar Cosmetic Surgery, our staff has been performing cosmetic surgery for over 14 years.

There are also several other qualifications that set us apart in our field:

  • We have received top online reviews.
  • We are friendly and professional.
  • We are conveniently located.
  • Patients are treated like family.
  • Every surgical patient has direct access to Dr Memar and even gets his personal cell phone number.
  • We have continuity of care, meaning the same people who do your consultation will be with you in the surgery.
  • None of our patients have had serious adverse events, including infections, blood clots, or PE.
  • Most of our patients come from referrals from previous patients or other doctors.
  • Dr. Memar is a respected and is on staff at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.
  • Patients come to us from around the world and around the U.S.

Services Provided by Dermatologic Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

We offer a wide range of liposuction & fat transfer treatment options, so you can achieve the exact look you desire*:

Now is the time to get your face and body nipped, snipped, sucked, tucked, filled, plucked, and shrink wrapped. Why now? Because it takes time to see the results of these procedures, and you need to give your body time to heal. So for that refreshed and tight look in the social months of Chicago, the hard work begins in the winter. The procedures discussed below are all done under local anesthesia, not needing sedation. The patient is awake, safe and walks out of the office within a few hours. Here are some of the procedures that are perfect for now:

Eyelift (Bleph) : If you have saggy upper eyelids, a blepharoplasty can remove the extra skin and restore a crisp upper eye crease. If the lower eyelid is baggy or has bunched up skin, a lower blepharoplasty can remove the bags and any extra skin can either be removed or laser resurfaced. Downtime: 2 weeks

Liposuction : This is a time tested procedure with a great safety profile when done under local anesthesia. For men, the number one site needing liposuction is the love handles, followed by the abdomen, chin and chest. The procedure takes a few hours and the results don’t show until a few months. Downtime: 3 days

Fat Transfer : Fat that is removed with liposuction can be used to fill lines on the face, plump cheek bones and chins, fill acne scar indentations, enlarge the buttocks, and even increase the girth of the penis. Downtime: 2 weeks

Tissue Tightening : There are three different technologies for tissue tightening. For superficial tightening of the skin, lasers can be used; for deep level tightening of skin, radiofrequency devices like Pelleve can be used; and for the deepest tightening, ultrasound can be used. The tightening is induced when there is heat damage to the respective layer of skin and subsequent collagen production. I like using Pelleve on the face, especially in conjunction with other procedures. Downtime: none

Skin Resurfacing : fractional skin resurfacing is a great way to remove age spots, reduce fine lines and stimulate collagen in the skin. There are two types: ablative and non-ablative. The non-ablative has less down time but the results are not as good as the ablative, which usually uses the CO2 laser platform. Downtime: 10 days

Scar Revision : this is most commonly done for acne scars, but other scars and even stretch marks can fall into this category. If the scar is very wide, the revision could involve the surgical removal of thee scar. If the scar is indented, fillers like fat can elevate the indentation.

If you would like to learn more about our office and take the first step toward obtaining the most flawless version of yourself, do not hesitate to contact us today at 312-230-0180!

We look forward to helping you achieve your dream face and body!

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery